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Welcome to The Refectory Table

A very relaxed way to consider your business life & career - whilst engaging with like minded folk.

Dionne Swift, Textile Artist & Tutor


Great creative business course in relaxed surroundings with great good. Very good value.  

Andrew Findlay, Blacksmith


A great opportunity to take a step back and think about what you actually want from not just your business, but your work/life balance. 

Kate Bajic, Jeweller


Well worth the time, I would recommend to others - both individual makers and other CPD providers.

Beatrice Mayfield, Development Manager, Crafts Council UK


What People Say about our Creative Business Courses




2018  Workshops with Artist Helen Rhodes -here


2018 Workshops with Knit & Crochet Designer Nicki Merrall - here


2018 Workshops with Creative Business Coach

Pete Mosley - here

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Here at The Refectory Table we take a personal approach to workshops and courses. Our workshops are run in small groups in interesting and relaxed places where it’s easy to learn and think creatively – add in superb delivery and good food shared with like-minded people at a large table and you have a memorable and long lasting experience. 

Our 2018 programme includes days in Loughborough, Leicestershire, with creative business coach Pete Mosley for people wanting to get better at the business side of being creative, and hands-on workshops with artist and designer Helen Rhodes, or knit designer Nicki Merrall, for anyone interested in developing new or existing creative skills.

Our tutors combine high levels of professional knowledge and skill with friendly, engaging and inclusive teaching styles. We tailor the content to match your requirements, so you get the time and support you need to explore your own path for development, boost your confidence, learn new tools and techniques and find a fresh way of thinking about the way you work.


Whether you’re just setting out or a seasoned professional – you’ll find that the ideas, inspiration and energy you’ll gain at The Refectory Table will give you a real boost.